August 17, 2022

Whenever you interview a real estate agent, make sure to inquire about their unique marketing strategy aside from the facts that they are a member of the local MLS board or a top-rated real estate agent.

Because it’s not just about what they tell you or how they’re rated by your boss or family member (who isn’t a realtor, of course). It also isn’t just about how many homes they’ve sold, or even how much commission they charge you. This guide is not about how many houses they sell every year (that’s mostly irrelevant) or how much they charge you as commission. It is about how their marketing ventures compare to the most successful realtors in the area.

The real estate agent or broker you choose should give you a marketing plan, one that you can work with, that will show you how the realty agent is planning to reach your family, friends and colleagues. This is what you should be asking your potential agent before making a decision:

More importantly, be sure you understand your real estate agent’s aggressive marketing plan. An agent that tells you about the need to make business cards and post avails across the city in several public areas is just a low-quality realtor. One who actually takes the time to strategize how they will attract potential home buyers and sellers, and has the skills to reach out to these groups will be your agent. The real estate agent who utilize increase andience lands more E-mails from ready potential buyers and sellers. An aggressive real estate agent will be the agent you choose, whether to buy or sell a home.

Common Marketing Plan Formulated By Accredited Real Estate Agents

New real estate agents are encouraged to begin with a marketing plan that provides an example of how to began with a winning real estate marketing plan for your local market. Accredited real estate agents have solid experience in online and offline marketing, and know how to convince a potential buyer or seller that your house needs to be marketed in a specific way.

Because these agents have been trained in direct response marketing, they prepare a direct response marketing plan for their clients which may include:

This online and offline marketing plan should also include a certain number of online promotions. Buying a house is like buying anything else – you’ll need to follow a plan to get there.

” offline marketing ” is different and the kind of networking generated through this will vary depending on the chosen real estate agent. Some agents focus more on generating networking as part of ‘offline marketing’ while other professionals perform much of their work via internet promotion.

Real estate agents who specialize in online and offline marketing know all of this. They are also more likely to have a diverse group of other professionals they can interact with outside of their real estate office. Would you rather work with an agent who only gets to interact with potential buyers and sellers via the internet, or an agent who also spends time building a large contacts network to be ready for marketing activities?

2. What should I include in my online marketing plan?

Although it’s only a small part of a complete marketing plan, the online portion should include as many portals as possible. There should be multiple realtor websites with related property listings within the local market. These should be new listings at all times, as well as the listings from the past, and the portals to these websites should work 24/7 at all times. At least one of your spaces should be always filled with active real estate marketing material.

3. Where should my blogging and email marketing go?

Dedicated real estate websites are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. They are integral to online advertising and creating a community of contacts. It would be wise to create a full-page advertisement on each of your realtor listings, and also a dedicated website for your personal business. A full-page advertisement on each website would maximize the number of people who know about your listings. At minimum, your full-page advertisement should include your personal information, company information and the realtor website address, as well as the link to your listings.

Realtors are also using blogs as a way to share information about themselves, their services and their listings with their connections in the real estate industry. The main benefit of blogs is that it isn’t overly wordy, and you can provide a more personal edge to your real estate marketing. Do encourage your clients to visit your blog site, but at least some of it should be centered upon real estate marketing news and current trends within the industry.

4. Will the internet replace my real estate marketing efforts?

No, it will enhance them. One of the weak points of traditional real estate marketing is that all too often marketing strategies are homogeneous. The same old tired ideas are all that you get. Nowadays, the internet is changing all of that.