September 28, 2022

Are you asking yourself why TikTok isn’t showing my videos? Do you want to share your TikTok content but are not getting any viewers? You’re not the only one. Let’s work together to resolve this problem. Different users may have different reasons why TikTok does not show their content. It could be a fault, a bug in TikTok’s platform, or something else that is causing the inconvenience.

This guide will show you how to determine why your TikTok app doesn’t display content on iOS and Android devices. If there is too much traffic, Tiktok servers may slow down the upload rate. You might not see any content in your account. Your device could be the cause. Let’s see which troubleshooting techniques work best in this situation.

Restart your phone and TikTok app

We recommend that you start by closing the TikTok App on both your Android and iOS devices and then restarting it again. We recommend that you first restart your mobile device. After that, a new TikTok conversation will start that can fix temporary bugs or background problems within the app. Restarting your mobile phone and TikTok app can speed up app operation. Slow TikToks can hide videos from your account.

This can be done on an Android Device

  • To turn off your Android device, press and hold the power button.
  • To turn the power button on, press and hold the power button once more.
  • After your phone has been restarted, launch the TikTok App

An iOS device:

  • Hold the power button down and then use the slider to turn off your iPhone
  • After waiting a while, press the power button once more to turn on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the TikTok App to check if your videos show up

Check TikTok Status

You might experience technical problems in your TikTok account if there is an issue with the TikTok servers. Their servers can sometimes get overwhelmed with so many people who use TikTok today. To rule out any potential problems, you should check the TikTok server status. Websites such as DownDetector provide real-time information about the TikTok servers. It is possible to see how many people are experiencing the same issue and which areas are most affected. You have no choice but to wait for the TikTok servers to fix the problem and then upload your videos.

Internet Stability Check

TikTok requires a reliable internet connection to be able to function efficiently. Poor WIFI and mobile data connections can prevent you from using certain TikTok functions. Many users have reported that their videos disappear when there is an issue with their internet connection.

This is why you must rule out the cause. This is how you can check it:

  • You should have at least two WIFI status bars visible on your mobile screen
  • To resolve the slow or non-existent speed problem, restart your router.
  • Check if your mobile data shows 3G or H+ on your mobile device screen
  • You can switch between mobile data and WIFI to find the best option for you
  • Make sure that Airplane mode on your phone is disabled

Talk to a specialist

If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, talking to a specialist is the fastest way to fix it so that you can view and create your Tiktok videos again.

Why is nobody seeing my Tik Toks

The following steps can be used to troubleshoot if you don’t see any views or nobody is viewing your TikToks.

Make your TikTok videos public

First, ensure that your TikTok account does not have a private password. This can be checked here:

  • Log in to your TikTok account
  • Tap the button with three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Next, click on Privacy & Safety
  • Verify that the “Private Accounts” option is disabled. To make your TikTok account publicly accessible, disable the “Private Account” option.
  • Click on Confirm
  • Next, choose the video you want to show other users
  • Tap the three dots in the lower right corner.
  • Click Privacy Settings
  • Tap on “Who can see this video?” to make sure it isn’t in private mode

Check for Latest Updates

Your videos may be hidden if there is a TikTok update. Check here to see if there is an update.

  • Tap on Google Play Store for an Android phone or App Store for an iPhone
  • Tap the TikTok Profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Select Manage apps and devices
  • Find the TikTok App and check if there is an Update option.
  • Install the TikTok Update and check if it fixes the problem

Clear TikTok Cache

Clearing TikTok cache data can sometimes fix temporary bugs or delays. These bugs can prevent other TikTok users from viewing your videos. This is how you do it:

  • Navigate to Settings on your mobile phone and choose Apps Management
  • Scroll down to tap TikTok
  • Next, tap Clear Data, and then Clear Cache.
  • Launch TikTok now and create your profile
  • Now, tap the three-dotted menu in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Privacy & Settings
  • Click on “Free up space”
  • Next, tap Clear just before the Cache option
  • Click Clear to confirm the message “Clear cache”.
  • Start the TikTok app once more and check if there are any views within the next few hours


It can be frustrating not being able show your TikTok videos other users. This can leave you looking for answers. This guide should have helped you to resolve the problem. If your viewers are still having trouble seeing your videos, you may contact a TikTok specialist to help . You can also visit the Feedback and Help section of the app to report the problem. Enjoy your day!